The path to a successful brand begins with well-founded, strategic brand management. And it climaxes in a strong brand, contributing measurably to business success.

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Der Markenfels Merger & Acquisition Brand Navigator©

Ein erfolgreicher Merger misst sich an nachhaltiger Wertschöpfung. Um Marktanteile zu vergrössern und Synergien zu realisieren, spielen die Wahl der geeigneten Marke und ein professionelles Markenmanagement eine zentrale Rolle. › Read more

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How a strong brand drives business success

A strong brand contributes substantially to the business success of a company: by creating value and reducing costs. › Read more

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Strategic brand management: a structured process

A well-managed branding process spares resources and safeguards the investment that is required to build a brand. › Read more

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The award-winning 360° implementation strategy

To ensure impact, the defined business strategy must be made visible and brought to life. The high road leads through the brand. › Read more

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