Branding Services 

Strategic Activation 

Brand Experience 

Pilot Applications
“How do we implement the design concept on our website?”
“How can we translate our product literature into the new design – and at the same time leverage to a digital format?”
“What to do with existing PPT presentations?”

When introducing a new brand strategy or a new brand identity, every company enters new territory. Pilot projects, such as the creation of a website, the design of a digital company presentation or a system for digital product literature help to illustrate the desired overall perception through pilot applications. The creation of initial pilots also lays the foundation for a catalogue of best-practice solutions – and benchmark for brand management during the global roll-out. 

Pilot implementations can also be used to test the practical suitability of a design and to make the necessary refinements for the subsequent activities on a global scale. 

In the activation phase of a roll-out, we are happy to provide concept, design, and implementation support.

Brand Roll-out


“How do we launch the rebranding?”
“Will 3 months be sufficient to for worldwide roll-out?”
“What is the ideal date for the relaunch?”
“Can we start with signage – and solve the overall design concept later?”

These and similar questions are answered by a company-specific branding roadmap. The roadmap can be used to show interdependencies, and to efficiently manage complex processes. From development and launch of a new brand to brand migration, and ongoing brand management. 

Markenfels is specialized in planning complex branding projects, requiring the integration and alignment of a large number of stakeholders and work streams.

Brand Launch
“Do we need a big bang?”
“How do we plan a soft roll-out?”
“How can we onboard employees?”

The launch of a new or redesigned brand usually requires a wide range of supporting activities. We assist companies with brand launches by helping to plan, design and execute tailored measures for the brand and company, based on the brand strategy and the strategic design.

360-Degree Implementation Strategy
“How do we implement the new brand appearance internally, at all sites worldwide?”
“Which touch points are relevant for the new brand experience?”
“How do we include factory workers?”

We support companies in the activation strategy of their brand: The Markenfels 360-Degree Implementation Strategy ensures that all stakeholders are informed, engaged and empowered. It covers all touchpoints of the brand – print media, digital channels, physical experiences, management systems and tools.

Brand Management

Branding guidelines

To ensure the company-wide implementation of strategy and design, we develop user-friendly, visual guidelines. Our guiding principle: toolbox before specifications, and self-organizing principles before rules. And: as few guidelines as necessary.

We offer guidelines as interactive online guideline with practical templates, as a tutorial animation or as a pdf file – fitting into your existing or future digital asset management system.

Brand Activation Support

Within the first weeks and months after the launch of a new or evolved brand, many practical questions arise.

Markenfels Brand Activation Support offers supervision and professional feedback. We solve strategic and creative questions, and we provide practical recommendations to leverage solutions that have been worked out by your own team or by your implementation agency. 

Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement
“How do we explain the re-branding to our employees?”
“How do we onboard new employees?”
“How do we anchor the brand as a success factor in the company?”

These are typical questions that can be solved within a Brand Engagement Program. Depending on the situation and need for action, we support you with the development of an internal communication strategy, with the conception and implementation of a brand launch, an onboarding program, or with a modular Brand Engagement Program. 

Brand Academy

As part of comprehensive brand development, we support brand managers in empowering their global teams to implement the brand on an ongoing basis. To this end, we develop company-specific, scalable modules that can be used locally or as an online tool.

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We are particularly experienced in structuring complex processes in a way that is compatible with company requirements, and driving those processes forward together with our customers. We make sure that timing, budgets and other resources match the needs and possibilities of the company’s specific situation.