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Position Titlis as a leading alpine destination

Positioning Titlis as a leading alpine destination

Strategic task
Titlis Cableways has set itself the strategic goal of becoming one of the leading Alpine destinations and offering guests a premium experience at the summit. To support this transformation, the Titlis brand experience was completely renewed — in line with the forward-looking architecture by Herzog & de Meuron. The “Iconic T” design element represents Titlis as an iconic mountain. Formally, it reflects the innovative architecture of mountain station and tower, which will be realized on Titlis in the coming years. The energetic blue color world positions Titlis as a pioneering premium brand. The Titlis brand experience is not a temporary campaign, but an independent and sustainable design system that implements the corporate strategy – developed according to the “Digital First” principle.

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Brand strategy: “The Peak To Be”
The renewal of the mountain station and the extended tower marks the beginning of a new era for Titlis Cableways: on mount Titlis, leading architecture of great international appeal is being built. Foundation of this pioneering endeavor is the long-term strategic alignment of the Titlis Cableways, especially in context of climate change. The glacier is melting and will be gone in 30 years. The spectacular architecture on the Titlis shall tap into new guest segments, with elevated expectations. To drive this transformation, the Titlis brand will be positioned as “The Peak To Be” – a pioneering brand with outstanding desirability. Focused core messages with carefully chosen terms support this repositioning. Titlis has also received a new logo. This logo will be used exclusively by Titlis Cableways, which will support a tight brand management in the future.

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