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Univerre Brand Experience

Positioning of Univerre as a premium partner for excellent and differentiating glass solutions.

Positioning of Univerre as a premium partner for excellent and differentiating glass solutions.

Strategic task
Univerre is a leading European partner for sourcing and distribution of glass packaging, bottle cleaning and printing on glass and drinking glasses – for industrial as well as for private customers. Basis of the Univerre brand design is the positioning as an excellence brand: five star excellence, in everything Univerre does. From curating glass packaging solutions to printing and services.

The brand evolution sets a strong sign to support the continuous business transformation, and credibly conveys the continuous introduction of innovative, high-end products and services along the entire value chain of glass packaging.

The characteristic brand experience of Univerre is created by combining elements that identify the Univerre brand – even without showing the logo: Typical color combinations, unique typography, design elements such as the Univerre Glow and the Five-Star-Symbol, and imagery that conveys the excellent quality customers can expect in every dimension.

Key messages convey the exclusive high-end offering – and the customer benefits.


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